There are some lands that inextricably link their name and their glory to some of their typical products that give or even from which they are named. So perhaps many still consider Hotels in Montalcino and the Terme two distinctly separate things, such is the reputation of the great Brunello, the Italian wine that contends the longevity record and coat of arms to the Piedmont Barolo.

In fact, besides the good wine, here we also have the excellent water. And if the excess of wine is bad, you will not be afraid to make too many bathrooms in these spas have been known since Etruscan times, the Founding Fathers of this land.
Ours is a wellness hotel in Montepulciano finding just 600 meters from the thermae characterized by sulphurous water salt bromine iodine alkaline bicarbonate, to be precise. In particular they are very considered by pediatricians to prevent certain forms of childhood deafness, due to forms of bronchitis then become chronic.

Even the ladies, however, will find here great satisfaction making use of the wellness center. At the property, with which we have an agreement, we will also find beauty treatments as intradermoterapia and mesotherapy for cellulite and localized fat deposits; Laser hair removal lasting "LightSheer" Lumenis; rejuvenation of the face, neck, d?collet? and hands with bio-stimulation and skin rejuvenation and many other things.

We are also just 5 km from Chianciano Terme, where, in addition to the benefits of the spa in the National Health Service, you will experience new emotions of Salone Sensoriale (again enjoy an agreement).However, as mentioned earlier, you can have a territory around Montalcino, where you can choice to do many things, if what motivates you is the desire not only wine, but also the water.

Recall then the Thermae of San Quirico d'Orcia, where you can do some good sludge; Bagno Vignoni, the volcanic land and the sulphurous waters known since the Romans and which will attract over eminences of history as Catherine of Siena, Pope Pius II and Lorenzo the Magnificent. Then Bagni di San Filippo, very characteristic and aesthetically engaging for white limestone deposits; near Rapolano Terme you can find the thermae of San Giovanni and Querciolaia.