Sure when you have the opportunity to live a pleasant stay in the green hills of Tuscany, visiting Siena it is one of the ideas that immediately flash through the minds of our travelers. It is a city by the illustrious history, magnificent architecture, so it certainly can never miss the tips and suggestions on what to visit in Siena.

Sure, at each visit that respects, the best position is played by the famous Piazza del Campo. Have a very particular shape, almost unique in its kind, is even better distinguishable if climb on the Torre del Mangia, from where you will have a glance on the many extraordinary noble houses and the special color "Terra di Siena", typical of roofs and walls of houses.

Another step that should not be missed is the Museo Civico, where the allegory of Good and Bad Government by the artist Ambrogio Lorenzetti, who is also indirectly related to the subject used by UNESCO to assign to the Senesi hills title of World Heritage Site.

Also good food will be the protagonist of your tour in Siena, the same that?s happens here in our hotel in Montepulciano, where the doc wine and meat, the flavors and aromas are combined in the best way to give to you all the pleasure of an holiday full of relaxation and taste.

Remind that the Two Swans Hotel is about 65 km from Siena, by car you can takes a little more than an hour. Alternatively you can evaluate to arrive by bus at the Chiusi / Chianciano station and from there take the train. The important thing isn?t to miss the opportunity to get back a bit 'back in time, when you arrive here in Val d'Orcia, in the Middle Ages where Tuscany was one of the main place of the world for ideas and values. Visiting Siena it allow to relive that atmosphere and vivid emotions.